Basket hilted broadsword

These are the minimum prices. As all items produced in our own workshop can be made to your specifications, it is impossible to quote maximums. The cheapest swords are 'Ornamental' ones, for 'Re-enactment' and 'Reproduction' quality add approximately 20% and 40% respectively.

Item Type From Remarks
Sword Claymore 250  
Sword Braveheart 250  
Sword Knight's 150  
Sword Viking 220  
Sword Broadsword 250  
Dirk   150  
Sgian Dubh Horn handle 22 Sheath included
Sgian Dubh Wooden handle 32 Sheath included
Targe Clansman 80  
Targe Joe Lindsay 185 e.g. Lord of the Isles, Perth,
Scabbard Dirk 50  
Scabbard Sword 70