The Clansman Centre is open March to October, seven days a week, from 10am till 6pm and later on some evenings.

Entering through the doors of a 19th century schoolhouse, you will take a step into the 17th. Besides a shop, which specializes in Celtic and locally produced crafts and gifts, we have recreated the interior of a Highland turf house, where an authentically dressed clansman brings the past back to life. This dangerous looking character explains how families ate, lived and survived here in days of old, takes you through the clan system and local culture, demonstrates the Highland dress (all the mysteries of kilt, plaid and tartan) and teaches you the art of killing or maiming, using ancient weapons.
No boring history lesson, but an entertaining, interactive and informative experience.

The talks are currently only available in English, but we are happy for guides to translate.

We have staged seating for about 50 spectators.

We welcome coach parties and even take in groups outside normal opening hours, if you notify us in time.